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Tax Planning Strategies

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Do you have a GPS guiding you on your road to your financial destination? The best way to maximize your assets is to minimize your tax liabilities.

A tax plan is a dynamic plan that can help keep you on the right path for your financial journey.

Tax planning is a critical component of a holistic financial plan and wealth management.

Tax planning considers the implications of individual, investment, and business decisions, usually intending to minimize tax liability. Working closely with our clients we consider the potential tax consequences financial decisions can have because unplanned financial transactions can result in taxes or large tax penalties. Although decisions are rarely made based solely on their taxable impact, we are aware of the income, capital gains, estate, and business tax issues involved in any situation.

We often advise our clients to regularly review their financial planning activities alongside the current tax strategies available to them, to minimize potential income taxes while staying on course to meet their financial goals. Although everyone's tax situation is unique and depends upon a client’s unique circumstances, some of the tax planning strategies we may consider include:

  • Income tax bracket use strategies
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Planning for deductions and credits
  • Deferral or shifting strategies
  • Year-end planning
  • Investment Tax Planning
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Review of cost-basis
  • Review of capital gains or losses
  • The use of health and medical savings accounts
  • Roth conversions
  • Life Event Planning
  • Gift Tax Planning

Have gaps in your financial plans? We identify missed opportunities in planning and strive to make our clients more successful by taking advantage of the opportunities and filling in gaps.

Let’s explore opportunities to reach your life goals.

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