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Life is too short to worry about where you are going next.

Let us open the doors to your financial future.

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Owning a business is more than a job; it’s a decision that impacts your life, your loved ones, and your legacy.

As a business owner, you’ve probably done some level of financial planning through various advisors. But these piecemeal efforts often result in a lack of coordination and direction that can make it difficult to ensure your business is truly protected.

At KCA Wealth Management, we offer comprehensive planning services for all aspects of your business’s future.

From entity planning and employee benefits to business succession and exit strategies, we can ensure that your company—and your legacy—is protected no matter what may happen.

Implementing Employer-Sponsored Benefit Programs

Employee benefit programs are a major offering that help to attract and retain higher-quality employees at all levels. However, providing these programs does come at a cost to the employer, and finding the right program can often be complicated and confusing. We make it easy by providing the support you need to find and implement all the following kinds of benefit programs:

  • Healthcare benefits
  • 401(k) plans
  • Long-term care
  • Disability income
  • Other group benefit programs

We also provide specialized support for executive-level benefits programs that help improve retention of key employees in your business. Whatever level of assistance you need, and whatever employee benefits you’re looking for, we can help you find a program that works for you.

Business Succession and Exit Planning

For most workers, retiring is as simple as setting a date. But for business owners, choosing to retire can get a lot more complicated.

Who takes over your responsibilities? How can you ensure what you’ve built will be protected? Will you still have a say in the business?

These and countless other questions can all come to mind as you begin to think about stepping down from the business you’ve built. We can sit down with you to discuss what you envision for your business’s future, then develop an exit strategy that will preserve your business and your legacy. Proper planning can protect your business, so that you can step down with total confidence that things can continue running smoothly.

We’ll also discuss your options for insuring the business’s future in the event of your (or another partner’s) death.

Your company’s future growth and success shouldn’t be left to chance. Let’s sit down together and discuss how you can protect your business and your legacy.

Have gaps in your financial plans? We identify missed opportunities in planning and strive to make our clients more successful by taking advantage of the opportunities and filling in gaps.

Let’s explore opportunities to reach your life goals.

Schedule a meeting or complete the form below to discuss how we can help plan your current, future and legacy dreams.

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